Surveillance Spy Bug Transmitter
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About Us

We are a team of radio enthusiasts who are interested in anything to do with radio and associated matter especially miniature transmitters and bugging devices. You could call us amateur spies.
Some of us have been involved with these things since childhood and have a vast experience with pranks of all sorts.
We have always wanted to create a true bug that performs better than most available to the general public.

In our daily routine we are solving problems with receivers, transmitters, antennas and the things they are attached to like cars, camper vans and boats.

Most of the time we service electronic machines of all kinds ranging from cash registers and credit card processing machines to satellite receivers and marine navigation systems.
Ultimately our common passion is radio and some of us have Amateur Radio licenses which leads to a lot of experiments.

The FM tansmitter you see on this site is only one of the projects we are working on and we have more planned.
So many people have seen this transmitter working and said they wanted one.
They were impressed with it's amazing quality and how well it worked.

Because of that we have decided to make this transmitter available to see what other people think of it.
We are interested in what you think so please contact us and let us know.
You may like to do your own range tests and we would really like to know how far you were able to transmit.
Please don't interfere with other radio stations and be aware of the laws in your country when doing this. Good luck.

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